My Journey to Motherhood companion

Iveta Ongley author companion mockup

My Journey to Motherhood companion is a journal that intertwines poetry, thought-provoking prompts, and beautiful journalling pages. It has been exclusively designed for women facing the struggles of getting pregnant, pregnancy journey, and motherhood.

This companion is divided into six empowering sections: Dreaming of a baby, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Birth, Holding you, and Pleasures of motherhood, with each section opening with a poem written to inspire, uplift and amuse. It responds to the reflective needs of women on their journey to motherhood by helping them to navigate the depths of loss, embracing the joys and uncertainties of pregnancy and the beauty and the pain of childbirth, cherishing the tender moments of holding a newborn, and revelling in the pure bliss and pressures that accompany motherhood.

Don’t wait! Lose yourself in the journal’s pages. Find solace in reflection as you negotiate the highs and the lows of your journey, and allow your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to take shape, empowering you to embrace the transformative journey of becoming a mother.

Each of the six sections includes: a poem, a page with 20 journalling prompts, and 20 beautifully designed journalling pages.